VIRIDI SPACE is a brand of high-quality garden products. VIRIDI SPACE branded products can be found in urban spaces, parks, shopping centres, hotels, as well as private properties. We offer a wide range of modern planters, fireplaces, fountains, garden stairs and accessories made of corten steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

We can customize any of our products, or if some product you are looking for is not in our offer, our design team will work with you to realize your ideas and fulfil your wildest dreams. Our designers will first prepare a product model for your approval before sending it to production, who will custom-build your design according to the strictest standards with the highest quality and durable materials.

In products made of aluminium and steel, you may choose any colour from the RAL palette.

Corten, the brand name for weathering steel, patented by US Steel in the 1930s, might be unfamiliar to many but has been steadily gaining in popularity among architects and landscape designers, drawn to its organic, earthy quality.

Corten steel is characterized by increased resistance to atmospheric conditions, producing a constantly changing rust-like appearance. When subjected to the influence of weather, including precipitation, wind, or sun, the protective layer continually regenerates, resulting in an ever-changing rust-like appearance. It is the result of oxidation, when oxygen from the air reacts with metals, creating oxides that build their structures which are incredibly light and virtually impervious. The surface becomes stable over the years, in contrast to painted steel, which, when exposed to weather conditions, gradually degrades.

In the past, this type of raw material was to be primarily a durable and corrosion-resistant material, which was initially used to manufacture containers and electric locomotives. Currently, it is used in building facades or as an addition to interior design and gardens. The earthy brown colour offers a striking contrast with its surroundings. It fits perfectly in gardens where it helps to highlight brightly coloured flowers and is one of the key reasons why in recent years it is becoming more common in gardens, public spaces and private properties.

Corten is also environmentally-friendly and is a sustainable choice with no maintenance required and can be recycled plenty of times over.

At Viridi Space, we use certified Viridi Weathering Steel. We guarantee only the highest quality of products and service.

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