Frequently asked questions

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Question I have ordered Corten steel products. Why is their color different from the one I saw on the site?

Corten steel products are subject to constant aging process. It’s colour varies starting from gray, through orange, red, to red-brown and black-ish. This process lasts for days, months, years. Below we present the stages of aging of Corten steel based on years passed.

Question How is transportation cost calculated?
AnswerMost of our products are bulky, which usually means high shipping costs. To offer the very best price on shipping for every customer, each order is being quoted indivudually – in order to receive shipping details please contact us!
Question What is the turnaround time of individual project?

The turnaround time for an individual product depends on its complexity and quantity ordered. The avarage wait time is between 4 to 6 weeks. We are working on the  given project for about 2 weeks and then send it for the customer’s approval, after that – we make (if any appears) corrections, and for the next 4 weeks we are working on the manufacturing. If the customer has prepared a valid project beforehand, the lead time can be shorten.

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