Kello clock

Kello Clock is a traditional clock with a hint of extravagance, which it owes to the extraordinary material from which it is made. Corten steel is becoming an increasingly popular material for decorations due to the interesting, conspicuous texture. Corten is a type of steel, which due to the content of elements such as copper, chromium, nickel and phosphorus proves increased corrosion resistance. The wall clock does not take much space, but you can easily read from it what time it is – this combination is possible thanks to a carefully cut pattern with Roman numbers, which are extremely characteristic and legible. Kello is a superb addition to any interior; it will successfully take the place of the painting or other hanging decorations. Its practicality and impeccable aesthetics have been appreciated by interior and garden architects – if you care about a classic product in its original edition, the Kello clock will be a great choice.


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500 2 2 2,0
Weight 2,0 kg
Dimensions 500 × 2 mm