Viridi Space’s offer

What do we do?

Viridi Space’s offer includes a wide range of modern planters, fireplaces, fountains, garden stairs and accessories made of aluminium and stainless steel as well as corten steel, which is our speciality. Corten is the best material available on the market that we use in the machining process. You can rely on its properties in a wide range of applications.

Our products are ideally suited for the development of:

  • Gardens through elements such as fireplaces, grills, fountains, planters or stairs
  • Urban through elements such as benches, various baskets, stands and sculptures
  • Houses through elements such as decorative wall maps, paintings, clocks or stairs

Design your custom product!

If you have your project or idea, we can help you realize it! Together we will prepare the product model, adapt it to all technical requirements, and after that – our specialists will begin implementation with a strong emphasis on its immaculate quality. We guarantee that the result will meet your expectations completely.

Unique properties of materials we use

We process various types of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel. They are all excellent grade raw materials, ideally suited to processing. Also, we make products from corten. Specialists and designers, based on many years of experience in working with this raw material, clearly state that it is the best choice for gardens, urban space and private homes.

There are eight standard colours in our palette for products made of steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel. We can paint your product in any colour from the RAL palette on an individual order.

So if you’re wondering whether to choose steel or aluminium, opt for a corten! It is an investment that will allow you to save on impregnation or the cost of optional renovations. See for yourself – we are waiting for your contact!

We draw on the benefits of raw materials

Corten steel

Increased resistance to weather conditions and ever-changing temperature changes. Highly renitent. Does not require additional surface treatment —exceptional ease of forming into any shape. One of the most durable materials on the market, warm colour – depending on the level of air pollution, the colour of its content changes over time. Does not have to be impregnated or additionally secured during use – ease of maintenance. Industrial character perfectly matching modern arrangements.


Stainless and galvanized steel

Easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, durable, good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent flexibility, non-toxicity, resistant to temperature variations, superior in processing for decorative elements, easy to process.

Carbon steel

The most commonly available metallurgical material, favourable price, one of the simplest in metalworking, top tier plasticity, tensile strength, excellent ductility, non-toxicity, easy to maintain, a wide range of applications.

We make it easy to choose

Wide range of products

Our standard offer includes over 500 products in various sizes and variants. And if there is something you think is missing – we will do it for you!

Polish product

Products from our offer are produced in a Polish family company. We make every effort to ensure that every product is perfect in every detail.

Quick turnaround time

The production process lasts up to a maximum of 6 weeks, depending on the size and number of orders. We strive to make customers enjoy their product as soon as possible!

We create great design

We put our products in beautiful robes,
and even more beautiful shapes! Modernity,
durability and surprising verve are advantages of
all Corten products.

Team Viridi Space